JB Motor Works

JB Motor Works

JB Motor Works, based in Philadelphia, primarily focuses on providing automotive repair and maintenance services. This includes mechanical repairs, servicing, and diagnostics. Additionally, the company has expertise in performance tuning and modifications for high-performance vehicles.

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Our services


Maintenance Services

Car maintenance services are a set of tasks performed on a regular basis to keep a car running smoothly and reliably. Regular car maintenance can prevent breakdowns, reduce repair costs, and increase the lifespan of a vehicle


Engine Repair

Car engine repair refers to the process of repairing or replacing components of the engine that are damaged, worn out, or not functioning properly. The engine is the heart of the car, and any problem with it can result in poor performance


Body & Paint Services

Car Body and Paint Services refer to the range of services offered to repair and restore the body of a damaged car, and to paint the vehicle to give it a new and fresh appearance. It’s important to choose a reputable shop with experienced technicians.


Electrical System Services

Car electrical system services are the various services that ensure the proper functioning of the electrical system of a car. The electrical system of a car is responsible for providing power to the car’s engine, accessories, and other electrical components.


Keep your vehicle running smoothly with comprehensive maintenance services from JB Motor Works.

Regular Oil Change
  • Basic engine protection: Regular oil provides basic protection for your engine, but may not be suitable for extreme conditions.
  • Shorter oil change intervals: Regular oil typically needs to be changed more frequently than synthetic oil.
  • May not protect against extreme temperatures: Regular oil may break down more quickly in extreme temperatures, leading to decreased engine performance.
  • Less fuel efficient: Regular oil may not provide the same level of lubrication as synthetic oil, leading to increased engine drag and decreased fuel efficiency
  • May not protect against contaminants: Regular oil may not resist contamination as well as synthetic oil, potentially leading to engine damage.
  • May not improve emissions: Regular oil may not have the same emission-reducing properties as synthetic oil.
  • Shorter engine life: Regular oil may not provide the same level of protection as synthetic oil, potentially leading to a shorter engine lifespan.
Full Synthetic Oil Change
  • Improved engine performance: Full synthetic oil provides better protection and reduces friction, leading to improved engine performance.
  • Extended engine life:: Synthetic oil is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist breakdown, helping extend the life of your engine.
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency: Full synthetic oil provides better lubrication, reducing engine drag and improving fuel efficiency.
  • Protects against extreme temperatures: Synthetic oil is formulated to perform well in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  • Longer oil change intervals: Full synthetic oil can go longer between oil changes, reducing the frequency of maintenance.
  • Better protection against contaminants: Synthetic oil is formulated to resist contamination from dirt, dust, and other particles, providing better protection for your engine.
  • Improved emissions: Synthetic oil can help reduce emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.


About JB Motor Works

JB Motor Works is a leading auto repair and maintenance company founded in 2016 by partners John and Bruce with 15 years of experience working with Philadelphia vehicles. Our team of knowledgeable technicians provides top-quality services for all makes and models with a personal touch, striving to serve with integrity, compassion, and excellence.

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  • John Lin

    John Lin, the co-founder of JB Motor Works, is a man of many talents. A seasoned mechanic, a savvy entrepreneur, and a car enthusiast at heart, John has transformed his passion for vehicles into a successful business.